At the invitation of the Ministry of Education, our students who invented the Ivoting (Intelligent Voting) System made a moving presentation at the Ministry Headquarters on 1st August, 2019.  Disturbed by the effects of malpractices every electioneering period, Machakos University

Engineering student, Kelvin Roman Njoroge wondered through the odds and invented Intelligent Voting (iVoting), a foolproof computerized voting system. The system or iVoting, copyright, is the first ever self-replicating, adaptive voting system in the world designed to be a lasting global solution to all voting modes and to achieve free, fair, credible & secure voting. This coupled with its ease of use brings convenience to the voter to their doorstep. The system is designed for everyone regardless of location, race, and class and network coverage and can be found at

The Ministry officials and other people present commended the students and lauded the University for nurturing talents and innovations. They agreed to adopt the System to run secondary schools’ elections that are carried out throughout the country. Congratulations, Kevin and the team.

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