Portal Registration Procedure

Before beginning the registration Procedure, ensure that
1. You must have an active email account
NB. If you have not registered your email account details, kindly do so with the ICT Directorate or send your admission number and email to portal@mksu.ac.ke.

2. Ensure you follow the steps below in the order in which they are arranged. Only move to the next stage after completing the preceding stage.



1. From the school website mksu.ac.ke, click on the portal icon.
Type on the address bar portal.mksu.ac.ke
➢ Fill in your details as shown i.e. your Registration number and set a password.(Use a hyphen instead of backslash e.g. E00-9009-2080 )

Click on ‘create an account’ option, below the login dialogue box.
2. Click create account. ➢ Fill your account details: ➢ Registration Number: Enter your admission number. ➢ Password: Set your own password. ➢ Confirm Password: Confirm the password you set.
3. Submit the details: Click on submit

4. You will receive a message that your account has been created successfully.

5. You can now proceed to log in to your account.